Every nonprofit needs a good funding strategy. They are forced to close their doors without money while sustaining their programs and projects. Nonprofits have many options. One of them is online fundraising platforms that provide them with a direct way of connecting with potential supporters. Here are some of the best online fundraising platforms for nonprofits.

1. FundSpring

FundSpring is an online fundraising platform for nonprofits and social enterprises. It allows them to manage their fundraising campaigns themselves. It has free templates, donuts, and widgets to facilitate the task. This platform is an alternative to other long-standing platforms like Crowdrise and Kickstarter. FundSpring is a direct competitor of Crowdrise though it offers more features and flexibility to users.

2. RocketHub

RocketHub is another online fundraising platform that provides users with the ability to manage their unique projects while connecting them with their potential donors, whether they are individuals or corporations. RocketHub has a free platform that allows users to create project pages, upload videos and images, as well as set fundraising goals. Its feature in social networking allows users to invite their friends to donate to their projects through Facebook. RocketHub also offers project plans for corporate clients. These plans have tiered benefits and donations that depend on the level of participation.

3. CrowdRise

CrowdRise is an online fundraising platform that fills a niche in the market. It works for hand in hand with the Crowdrise Foundation. This platform can provide corporate branding to support its leaders, raise funds and awareness for the foundation’s causes and get valuable insight into the performance of their fundraisers.

4. Razoo

Razoo is an online fundraising platform that focuses on helping nonprofits achieve their desired goals. This platform allows nonprofits to create campaigns and raise funds. Razoo also provides a US tax-deductible donation site for nonprofit organizations. While the concept of this platform is similar to that of other online fundraising platforms, it does offer a unique feature of its own. It allows users to track their donors’ activities.

Online fundraising platforms like FundSpring, RocketHub, and CrowdRise are perfect for a nonprofit organization. They allow quick and easy access to potential donors. This is important since it makes getting donations and generating funds easier. Nonprofit organizations can benefit big time by partnering with these platforms.