Madhavi Doki

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About Madhavi Doki

There are many ways to describe the powerhouse that is Madhavi Doki. One of her many remarkable qualities is her ability to find a home-work balance in life. As a successful entrepreneur, she has always had a particular talent for corporate growth, with a concentration on mergers and acquisitions. As a parent, Madhavi has always prioritized family and spends as much time as possible with her two children. She took a ten-year sabbatical to raise them when they were young and continues to create family memories whenever possible. 

Madhavi began her educational career by attending college in India, where she majored in Psychology for her undergraduate degree. Upon departing for the United States, Madhavi recognized her strong business acumen and switched gears. 

Her first company was an IT staffing firm, which she grew in revenue from $125,000 to over $11 million throughout her tenure. From there, she expanded her foothold in the IT staffing industry. While searching for an advertising agency to promote all of her various business interests, Madhavi came across NDP, located in Richmond, VA. In addition to being impressed with the design team and business culture, Madhavi recognized the intrinsic value of owning her own advertising agency. By combining an already substantial client portfolio and industry connections with her talents and existing staff, Madhavi was able to seamlessly blend the best of both worlds with growth and profitability. 

The benefits expand beyond just her client portfolio – she has also been recognized for her job creation and open-minded approach to employee suggestions. One of the reasons for her success is the fact that Madhavi Doki realizes the importance of nurturing human capital as an asset. Madhavi supports employee growth through skills training, proactive healthcare measures, and education. Her companies boast low employee turnover rates and high morale.

While Madhavi is well-versed in the field of IT, she still holds an active interest in the world of healthcare. One of her recent purchases involved an offshoot that catered to this industry. In addition to Insigma, Inc., an IT Services firm, Madhavi also acquired Insigma Healthcare, Inc, a staffing company that links skilled medical professionals with the top jobs available around the nation. 

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